Be inspired by Wales



12/12/2004 | LeCroy

Now _that's_ just untrue.

03/06/2005 | Julien W.

Jo, das k├Ânnte hinkommen :-D

02/02/2006 | Matze

Hmm, hier haben wir manchmal die selben inspirierenden Aussichten ...

16/08/2006 | Franzi

den Impuls des oeden Landstrichs spueren...

27/12/2015 | Ioana

the study of cultural faotcrs in aviation owes much to the seminal work of geert hofstede. from the late 1960e28099s to the early 1970e28099s, hofstede obtained data from ibm employees in over 66 countries. using this data, hofstede e2809cmappede2809d four dimensions of national culture. two of these have been considered of particular relevance to aviation, namely e2809cpower distancee2809d and e2809ccollectivism versus individualisme2809d.

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