Printer Queue

(I.S., A.S.)


30/08/2004 | Patrick

Nice joke! :-)

27/12/2015 | Sang

tell you something i kind of tugohht yeah but at first.but a moment ago, i felt a wave of inspiration to write down the list of gifts which i have received from others within the past week. gifts of time, gifts of listening, offers i wasn't expecting, yes' answers to my queries, gifts of resources given way for free, gifts of connection, gifts of indulging me when i needed a friendly ear and when i was being silly.all this involved 16 (!!!) separate people, and only a few of them know me in a friend capacity (others are teachers, service providers, to some i'm pretty much a stranger). in a few cases, i asked but all of those people went above and beyond. with this much goodness and magic, how could i call myself friendless? friendship comes in many guises.

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