Private Warriors (2005)

Marcela Gaviria, Martin Smith

Summary:In 'Private Warriors,' 'Frontline' takes a full hour tonight to look at the street-level mayhem in Baghdad and the life-and-death stakes for private security firms, which the United States military employs as protectors and shuttlers in the war zone. (New York Times)
* * *               3.0
Seen on:PBS
More information:Official Website
Comment by AS:The documentary briefly illustrates a tiny portion of the problems that the U.S. army has in Irak with the 120.000 private contract workers. Of course, since security matters are concerned, we can't expect a very thorough investigation. It is no wonder that the film can only give some impressions of a private security company and their day-to-day problems. Even the issue that the costs for private security contractors are intransparent to the tax payer wasn't given that much effort.

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