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The Sum Of All Cliches

09/09/2011 | Alien Invasion

The aliens are coming! Many greetings to France.

28/09/2008 | The Sum Of All Cliches by Dick Bullshitter

Guaranteed: you won't put down this book! The suspense will kill you. Literature expert Hellmuth Weisenheimer has found the holy grail of thrillers. Go to book review

29/01/2006 | Back to the Roots

Mobile phones become more and more difficult. Many users can't cope with the loads of functions. Nokia now hopes to deliver with their new old phone. Ideal for less tech-savvy user groups.

11/08/2005 | More documentaries

Added reviews of: Crime Scene Academy, The Assassination Of King Tut, The Elegant Universe, The Power Of Nightmares - The Rise Of The Politics Of Fear, The 50 Years War - Israel and the Arabs. See documentaries.

02/08/2005 | Documentaries Reviewed

The Special-Section now features a brand new section for documentaries. Fair & Balanced, of course.

10/04/2005 | Disneyland Resort Sparta

Where else can parents leave their children in safety and comfort if not in the familyfriendly Disneyland? The brand new Disneyland Sparta has opened with loads of special attractions.

29/12/2004 | Dare to Repair - Oops!

Several feisar-Readers reported of the respectable Delaware News Journal's blunder which got the "Dare To Repair"-Image some reputation.

16/10/2004 | All your 2 cents

We did it! More than 1000 memorable comments found their way onto the feisar pages. Thanks a lot for the feedback and keep it up!

10/10/2004 | 1 and 2 equals 3

Good marketing is the cradle of success. But now, sesame street's leading marketing experts go public with their knowledge.

29/08/2004 | Bad things will come your way

Ignored for a long time, but now BBC Teens reports: there is a new zodiac sign.

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