Super Size Me<br />
A Film Of Epic Portions 

Super Size Me
A Film Of Epic Portions (2004)

Morgan Spurlock

Summary:An irreverent look at obesity in America and one of its sources - fast food corporations. (IMDB)
* * * * * *         6.0
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Comment by AS:This is another "documentary" being against something. The conclusion is plain and simple: to get fat and unhealthy, eat fast food on a daily basis. The author does a self experiment, to live on Mc Donalds food for breakfast, lunch and supper for a whole month. Nice to watch, except for the vomiting scene somewhere in the beginning, which wasn't really necessary. In between his visits to his doctors, we get to see facts about the food industry.

What can we learn from this movie? Not much, unfortunately. Fast food is bad, but we knew that already. Some facts are probably new, but mainly it's a ghost train ride through Ronald Mc Donald's world with a little bit of Jackass thrown in.

There is more fun in this movie.

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