The Assassination Of King Tut (2002)

Summary:Two detectives try to solve the murder mystery as to who killed King Tutankhamen.
* *                 2.0
Seen on:Discovery Channel
More information:Official Website
Comment by AS:If it wasn't for the face-reconstruction of King Tutankhamen's face, this documentary would be entirely for the trashcan.

Two detectives make a couple of educated guesses about the death of the King, while wannabe Indiana Jones Dr Zahi Hawass tries in vain to deliver scientific credibility. Not worth watching.

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09/02/2006 | Dan

Why even try it stupid. Do you get lots of money or something. you will never find out. even what you come up with, will may not be true everbody is trying so many results. no real ansure. give up it is not worth it.

26/08/2011 | Jaylin

Frnkaly I think that's absolutely good stuff.

14/02/2012 | eleni

im beautiful

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