Halloween Mask Whacko-Jacko

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Halloween Mask WHACKO-JACKO
The longer you wear it, the scarier it’ll get! The kids are gonna run!!
Mask made in ultra flexible FoamEx™ Natural Latex.

(A.S., J.U., M.U.)


19/08/2004 | Patrick

Cool, very funny. Really scary.

19/08/2004 | Angstroem

Does it also come with a detachable nose?

20/08/2004 | Elisabeth

It looks so real ;-), It would even scare the hell out of me!!! It is back, "Jacko the R..."

26/08/2004 | hanzen

sehr geil!
nur der preis ist etwas zu hoch ;)

15/09/2004 | Lichti

Gesunde Hautfarbe, ja ja .....

18/09/2004 | deine oma

euer papa is im internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wat nen fotzenbär

22/02/2005 | Fresh

Wer ist denn das ??

21/03/2005 | Lisa

Really digusting but abit scary

12/02/2006 | in-die-eier-treter

oh mein gott ist der hässlich!
wie kann man sein gesicht nur so verunstalten!

bäh :@

10/05/2016 | Josie

plsneiag to find someone who can think like that

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