Play your best card.

Rush. Push. Flush. Cash points. *
L'etoilette CLUBCARD
Club Smart
Sign up today and start earning points!
Lord J. John
* Valid Club outlets and service partners only
Conditions apply
Welcome to the Club!
* Earn points with EVERY trip*
* Over 100.000 partners in 20 countries!
* Start swiping today and collect points!
* Fun in the sun, with you clubcard!
Your Shop-It Prize Bonanza:
* Enjoy the velvet feel of you Clubpaper® 365 points
* Let your Clubmaître® spoil you! 3000 points
* Live la dolce vita in the Clubhouse® 30000 points

(M.U. und A.S.)


02/07/2004 | ???

no one commented on this...

14/09/2004 | Bluejuice

Funny way dealing with all the crappy club & bonus-systems...

13/12/2004 | Rasputin


13/01/2005 | Blogger

Saluti da scrivi blog

13/01/2005 | Piter

Hello my friends, from

25/01/2005 | Rasputin

Hello friends! from

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