Rhetoric Seminars for Gangsta Rappers

Aquire proper English at the
Weisenheimer Speak-Good-Center
Rhetoric Seminars
Gangsta Rappers
Yo what’s up man? Ah... T’is
I at da mike herre, f***’n
pimp... Um... Know what i’m
sayinn‘ man, Ahm... Doin’ ma
Styl’ man... Cuz ya know my
homy flavor!  know what i’m
sayinn? Um... I owe Nuthin!
Sorry, I have absolutely
nothing to say.

(A.S., J.U.)


06/01/2004 | Case

Very cool. One of my favourites. It really ctaches my thoughs and feelings about gangster rap.

11/01/2004 | uber alles

Sorry, I have absolutely nothing to say.

11/01/2004 | sting

racist bastard

13/02/2004 | out there

lol, it'd be just as funny if it had had one of those white kid rappers, so i don't think it has much to do with race

06/04/2004 | Me being me

It is funny because it is true. :)

02/06/2004 | haai

the truth hurts !

22/07/2004 | MC STFU

Ah yeah. One time. Two times. Uh, uh. Yo.
I'm outta here. Piece!

19/08/2004 | Wügaab

Dude, white rappers ain't no better! http://www.noapologiespress.com/zer0comics/Rap1.htm

03/12/2004 | Baby bonita

50 is hot

16/12/2004 | tg

It's acquire.

06/04/2005 | Davonte DEnnis

thats wats up

07/04/2005 | waleed

white rap shit... this guy 50 eat white rap to breaksfest you now what i`m saying you f*****n white boys you think you so cool white that raock pop and other piece of shit you made. you all crap///... nigga rule the world one day.. haha

19/04/2005 | Stuntman

man 50 is da hottest out derr he will eat white n**** up F*** jadakiss F*** fat joe white A** im against racist dis s*** is racist 50 is gangsta da he no how 2 pop his gun gigigigi g-unit

19/04/2005 | d


13/06/2005 | wing worm

nigga get gangsta

30/06/2005 | Fire-Girl

Its soo .......trueeee

05/10/2005 | M0nster

Yo man! White man rappers are the best! No blacks cant stand it (you see it here)


03/12/2005 | GREEN SMOcK

Yall just get high and suck ma dick!!!!!!!

03/12/2005 | GREEN SMOcK

Cause yall like shit!!!!!

21/12/2005 | AALIYAH


04/01/2006 | fuchin hell


04/01/2006 | ANYWAYZ


05/01/2006 | Cara

Even if he had something to say I wouldn't really care.

09/01/2006 | Lenon

ooii voce, é de onde, oh se tiver algum brasileiro, ai, me adiciona no seu msn, meu msn é lenon_black@hotmail.com, faloww t+++!!!!!!!!

11/01/2006 | eternal_eazy

50 is fuckin gay wit tony yayo all suckin his dick n shyt 50 changed gangsta rap into some gay rhymes with dre beatz. old scool is da best NWA 4 life GGGGGGG-UNOT!!!!!!

15/01/2006 | Terry

i have better things to read [BITCH!!!!!

15/01/2006 | ???

yo yo yo

25/01/2006 | Biaaaaaaaaatches!!!!

what the f*** is this sh*t? i got a motherf***** glock for ya, if you don't like it then suck ma cock bitch!!!!!!

07/02/2006 | jivo

az sum ot bulagariq i sum ti FEN golqm gansta shit

09/02/2006 | fuck your moma

go fuck your self you fucking homo

09/02/2006 | fuck you

ffffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkk uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

09/02/2006 | 50 cent is gay


10/02/2006 | kelek

Fuck the haters!!! 50 is the bom.
All you suckers get outa here. Kamp What

18/02/2006 | Gangsta

I might be a white boy but i no when there is a gansgta around and this is 1 of them keep it real dawg GGGGGGG-Unit

18/02/2006 | $ A.K.A $

livin this life got to get this money because i got to get the weed smokin this bong because i need it.

25/02/2006 | 50 cent

what the fuck i wouldt expect my picture on this site i am gonna kill this bitch
fuck you nigga haterz

26/02/2006 | Purple Haze

I tink tat shit is funy aight... that shits not racist cause that would be funy if they used a white bitch rapper like Pual Wall or Eminem... so peace out nigga

26/02/2006 | HAYLEY LONG


26/02/2006 | HAYLEY LONG


27/02/2006 | g unit

hey asholls.......the 50 its the MASTER....AFTER MACKS IN YOUR ASS BITCH......HA HA...

27/02/2006 | dijra

oh 50 is fine us hell i wish he was my babies daddy plus white boys cant rap dont hate on the nigga and i think fat joe and all those whack niggas are fucked up u know wat am saying hey by the way fat joe lay of the burgers in ur case ja rule

09/03/2006 | K1LL4 K4$H

Yo seems 2 me like many ov u's bin drinkin on sum haterade 4 reel

09/03/2006 | 50

50 the best rapper ever man hes sick gansta

12/03/2006 | JORDAN LEE


15/03/2006 | game's gurl

gggggggggggggg u not call him 40 cent since he dropped that dime

23/03/2006 | your dog

wat up man

26/03/2006 | falcone

fuck alll ya phony motherfuckass
PAC s tha reallass killa,, yall heard, biiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttcccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

28/03/2006 | anoniem

tupac is the bom maar g-unit ook!!(usher)

28/03/2006 | anoniem

cool I like 50 cent:)

29/03/2006 | evaday

50 cent okay but he just a rapper trying to hustle.

29/03/2006 | kia

I think 50 cent is okay but he just a bum out here trying to make it

29/03/2006 | hot-bird

50 is nasty in bed but in the streets he hella dumb.

29/03/2006 | nigga

he slow and the nigga suck dick cause he did mine

29/03/2006 | evaday

im down wit stuntman cause he talkin real bout this s*** in the rap business. all these lil ganstas and pimps aint doin nothin and all these lil white boy tryin2take over the rap but patna that aint goin down. this is from a girl tryin to make it in school and get the info in rap.thats real

29/03/2006 | Jroc

The boy fiftey is off the chain with the gangster rap and the clothes plus his artist are hot just lloyd and buck. I do see him as pac but all this hating on other rappers has got to stop. he is a grown man he should help instead of the other. this mainly points at the locs like jadakiss and game this will be the ones who makes you hotter. but if he decides to aim at ATOWN then his carrer and probaly life is gone because people like T.i. and jezzy wont play that and plus they gon get you millions off a radio song so he sholdnt go at them. His beefs is only used to keep a carrer because he came out talking about jarule and people want to continue to hear him talk about others but if he knows whats good for him he will stop now because just hanging with the GUNIT family isnt gonna bring no type of cash mainly from MOBB DEEP And TONY YAYO wack self.

10/04/2006 | ANGEL


10/04/2006 | ANGEL


10/04/2006 | ANGEL


19/04/2006 | Ms new booty

hey 50 cent you is fine azz hell and off the chain

16/05/2006 | Ms new booty

Hey 50 cent you is so damn fine and I wish I could fuck you always love your gurl friend our call it your wifey

24/05/2006 | andy davis

i live in grand saline texas and my name is andy davis and i love guys and cock especially nigger cock and making them work in my cotton field then when their done i fuck them hahahaha

02/06/2006 | Sexy_Mami

I live in Texas,Hey 50 u is so fuckin fine wish i could meet u but got more things 2 do see ya laters. Peace out...Puro Barrio Fino!

24/06/2006 | artur

very good ok afterman

28/06/2006 | White but like 50cent

fuck u muther fuckers 50 will come stab u or shoot ur ass down muther fucker. and 50 my email adress is djf05@hotmail.com peace out

28/06/2006 | DILLON FINNERTY

hey muther fuckers im white and i like gangsta music so fuck u raciest bastards

28/06/2006 | DILLON FINNERTY

and im white but still like 50 thats me but just changed the name raciest pricks

09/07/2006 | brad

yo this is a great w.site you thve here.

10/08/2006 | kerrie luvs 50cent

hey luv da webby....I LUV 50CENT i fink 50 cent is HOT
mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah

14/08/2006 | hustler

hey everyone shut fuckin mouths or I'm gonna get my niggaz in here

14/08/2006 | hustler

hey angel where do u live

14/08/2006 | bballer hustlers friend

fuck all of yous

13/09/2006 | Knowledge

You all sound like assholes with this dumb shit your talking. 98% of Rap is just trash that holds little meaning to life and it's not that music always has to be about doing the right thing but it's foolish stigmas that follow lead rappers to believe that just about everyone has to serve their voice to violence, crime without concern. Look there are songs with lots of bad meanings from all types of music but it's expression. But why is rap always in one spectrum of things and good songs hardly ever are put out. Look this style is generic is born through ignorance and racist ideals. In some of them they got shit that always mentions negativity saying "White Boi" and they would say this when they talk about messin up or shooten up sume white bread chicken shit cop. This form of music has lost it's large appeal and only wishes to please people that are of lower caliber or those are blind to what it really is. Look some asshole spelled rock wrong up there. Rock and any other kind of music just talk about so much more and show humanity's feelings on a large scale, Good and Bad some not taking sides. It allows you to choose and reject some songs and love other songs because they have what you need. I know some rock stars over do it with the screaming( if they do some don't do screaching loud,just powerful singing which usually comes off smooth and has kick to it. The same dickhead that said rock was quote "wack" for a lack of better words is that same sperm for brains that would watch an action movie something like the covenant and love the action and not realize they love to see the pulse pounding action with the intense music. Oh, but then you would say when listening to music that it's so corny. Look first of all they rap is good sometimes too but it really has to step up in expression with other forms of music, a little good can't hurt. Why don't rappers try and make a song about 911 or something personal. If they talk about wanting to perform violence on terrorist then at least the violence has a meaning and even though it's not completely a right path to take, and people could understand why the song was made.

13/09/2006 | Damon

True they don't talk about cancer, or nothing like that.

17/09/2006 | lEb0 gAnGsTa

50 is a gansta GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG-UNIT.But game is a fagit h was gud wit g-unit but n0w he mad his own grope called g-unot wat the fuk is dat man u dum ass mother fuker 50 will pop a h0le strait throw ure uselis head n kill ure ass in 1 shoot wen he lived after 9 shoots n0w dat a real gangsta u dum ass muther fuker.%0 is gangsta n can talk better den u dum ass mother fukers.

17/09/2006 | lEb0 gAnGsTa

50 is a gansta GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG-UNIT.But game is a fagit h was gud wit g-unit but n0w he mad his own grope called g-unot wat the fuk is dat man u dum ass mother fuker 50 will pop a h0le strait throw ure uselis head n kill ure ass in 1 shoot wen he lived after 9 shoots n0w dat a real gangsta u dum ass muther fuker.50 cent is gangsta n can talk better den u dum ass mother fukers

17/09/2006 | gangstaaa

wdf is this shit fuk fuk 50 his the biggest dog uv ever seen curtis curtis jackson has no cock u can c

17/09/2006 | G-UNIT

all dose mother fukers dat dun like 50 are jealese cause his da best rapper 0ut der

17/09/2006 | P-UNIT


19/09/2006 | wow

wow.. NOT

04/10/2006 | chelsea

u look pimped up on the first pic laters g2g

29/11/2006 | 50izfit

50cent iz fit fit fit

19/01/2007 | G UNOT COCKSUCKER!!!!

"Knowledge", ha ha ha. 50 gangsta.... lol! your sister is a gansta too? fuck 50, This is gangsta shit, hey 50 you ain't nothin' but a gansgta bitch!!
Hey 50! I had a knife you had a gun, you ain't pop one shot pocked you, you called 911... Black child

18/02/2007 | lil gee 13

50 is cool! ...tha white rapers are shit!!
50 is great-!!! lol

17/05/2007 | Mr. White

07/04/2005 | waleed
white rap shit... this guy 50 eat white rap to breaksfest you now what i`m saying you f*****n white boys you think you so cool white that raock pop and other piece of shit you made. you all crap///... nigga rule the world one day.. haha

19/04/2005 | Stuntman
man 50 is da hottest out derr he will eat white n**** up F*** jadakiss F*** fat joe white A** im against racist dis s*** is racist 50 is gangsta da he no how 2 pop his gun gigigigi g-unit

U f***'n loser n*gga's, ure the sh*t off the world, ure ain't gett'n respect by shootin people and deal some drugs, punk ass bitches

14/07/2007 | BaYbEe BLoOd

DauNg pEbLe oN diS bEh cRaZii mAh FuHkaz.. 5o aNt d@ hOt aN dAh gAmEz wAe BetA!

25/08/2007 | G-Money

fuck 50 i never like you end your pussy fucking crew Game is the shit im happy he choke you cats

25/08/2007 | 50 is a fagot lol


25/08/2007 | ahahaha 50

YOUr mom wass a slut

11/11/2007 | hiphopperboyz

Yo! 50 c*** YouU @re My (HERRO)

29/01/2008 | heart-sh

Hi all !!!

End ^) See you

04/03/2008 | Stryyder

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for PMing Goshin to resolve this matter, rather than creating this new account and causing trouble on the forum. This is Stryyder, another admin, you've probably seen me around. I'm writing this reply on behalf of Goshin and the rest of the staff. I am writing it, as I have a personal penchant for being easily understandable and thorough.

I would first like to address your thoughts on why you were banned. You were not banned because you "gave your address" to Shanks. We understand what you did, and why. If you want to give out your own address(real or not) to others we don't really care. The reason you were banned is because of your persistent flaming of Shanks, as well as ignoring the "no multiple accounts" rule. We realize that part of the problem in the flame wars was Shanks, and we have disciplined him as well. He has gone through a temporary ban and his warning level is still high, however since this he has toned down his behavior. As for your multiple accounts, yes we raised your warnings for it even after you said you'd stop, but just saying "sorry I'll stop" doesn't mean that your rating won't go up at all. It was a combination of these things and your constant disregard for the rules that caused us to put an IP ban on your account.

We have considered your request to get unbanned and we are still standing by our decision for the time being. You may think that it was a "silly" thing, but the reason these measures are added into the forum program by invisionfree was for just these situations. We also have taken into consideration your claim that you were hacked. If indeed that happened we are sorry, but it is highly unlikely that it was a result of our actions. IP addresses are clearly visible for all admins, this is to let us know if anyone has multiple accounts. When we ban an IP it is then added to a list in the admin control panel. The only ones who have access to that are the admins as well. In short, the only way our IP ban could have been responsible for your being hacked is if an Admin had been the one who hacked you. This is highly unlikely as well for the fact that if an Admin did want to hack you, they could see your IP anyway, they don't need to ban you to find it out. An experienced hacker does not necessarily need your IP, and if he did, there are countless ways to find out someone's IP with simple applications.

We do appreciate your trying to resolve this situation but your ultimatum that "if you don't unban me, I'll press charges" is both insulting and completely without merit. We have no reason to want to hack you, nor can we be accused as your only suspect based solely on the fact that we banned you from the forum. If you do indeed find plausible proof that it was a forum member, feel free to take whatever action you deem appropriate, but don't come to us with scare tactics. As I pointed out in the above paragraph, your reasoning is faulty and in the eyes of the law, 99% implausible. We banned you because we believe you are detrimental to our forum and will cause further problems.

We will not fault you at all for the account you made to send your PM to Goshin. We understand your concerns and why you did so. However, our banning your IP has in no way made you more or less susceptible to being hacked. If you are that worried about it it is possible for you to work with your ISP to make your PC and/or home network more secure. However, for the good of the forum we stand by our decision as we are satisfactorily sure that your banning was not, in part or whole, a cause of your computer being hacked.

J. Galietta III


On behalf of the Admin of Liveactionanime.org

29/10/2008 | I Love Me Some Black Dick

U racist white boy u are only hatin cause u got a little dick, now u know why they say once u go BLACK u never go back lol so true. From Dat White Gurl. Ha Ha

14/12/2008 | dee

Yea like u boy be in that murda capital neworleans

30/01/2009 | pimpanolia1

Mann 50 is a fucking gay ass niga he should get ggggg_slap.....dig.

30/01/2009 | pelon loczzz..

50 cent aint worth a penny feel niggggas and he should get fucking gggg-dick slap....lol

02/02/2009 | thalia sexy

Hey 50 cent waz up boy could I get ur#??? Lol.. Sik bitch I don't won't ur black as #.....

26/02/2009 | **

50 is a discrays to the black nation he is a rat and a fake...gay as raper....feeelll me

09/05/2009 | david

fuck love

15/05/2009 | Joe

Listen to "It's Bigger than Hip Hop" by Dead Prez, then tell me "gangsta rappers" have nothing to say.

27/09/2011 | alexd808

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09/11/2021 | johnanz

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