The Sims Deathbed Expansion Pack

Deathbed Expension Pack
Loneliness - Incontinence - Misery - Funerals
Enjoy the horrors of old age: the progressive loss of teeth,
eyesight, memory and sanity. Experience your annoyed relatives
waiting for you to finally pop it. Imagine yourself being placed
in a decrepid nursery home with awful food, mindless
entertainment and inane conversations. Drop dead, old fart!
The fun of getting old and sick.

(A.S., J.U.)


06/01/2004 | Case

A little bit hard, but still funny.

06/01/2004 | Rainer

I'm going to buy it anyway! :)

03/02/2004 | Oldman Simpson

Very nice idea! Or things like GuantanamoSims or PresidentialSims would be nice too. Or think about SlumSims...

21/02/2004 | Dr Weisenheimer

This is a nice one, too: the Sims Serial Killer

26/08/2004 | danny


19/04/2005 | stuntman

corny y it gotta be whit peeps carrying da casket a black peeps prob up in da b*tch

15/01/2006 | #@*%$1``¬+=

whats with the bum thing???

04/02/2006 | ewin

farbige sind cooler drauf als weiße und lustiger und sehen auch besser aus

17/09/2006 | FunnY

Good idea haa ?

19/09/2006 | sarah

o_0 weird but i'm gonna but it anyways!!^^

05/10/2006 | Hace unos momentos...

hoy 4 de octubre de 2006, en la UAMRA habia 2 personas teniendo sexo en la oficina de Paty.

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