Urinal by Calvin Klein

for men
eau de toilette
Calvin Klein



04/02/2004 | me


07/04/2004 | chris

I need one of these, I just wish it was a unisex one so the old lady can use it and didnt have to go out side...I guess we never see eye to eye

08/04/2004 | lol

she can now!!! http://www.restrooms.org/standing.html

21/04/2004 | laurenhillmen@yahoo.com

ohmagosh thats funny!

23/05/2004 | Dr_Seltsam

That's a mean relaunch of an older one..
It was initially created by Wiglaf Droste - "Am Arsch die Raeuber"

he invented the perfumes "Iltîs" and "Alcôl" just to describe the scent of the ragamuffins at Bahnhof Zoo in Berlin.

21/06/2004 | Me again


24/06/2004 | ?

oke i dont get that one :s... whats so special on a toilet... we have a lot of them where i came from.. may-b new for your guys??

14/08/2004 | m.seiss@logo-vision.de


26/08/2004 | danny

I would not put pee on meeeee!!! still funny

29/08/2004 | urinal

gtg pee bye

02/09/2004 | mr urinal

it convenience and wonderful

27/04/2005 | joe

i am a man but i dont know how to use a god dam urinal ! ha ha ha . NOT

10/05/2016 | Kalin

heckuva good job. i sure apaticepre it.

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