Ushole consulting

when you feel a creative urge
let us develop
your ideas
Because professional solutions need strong partners.
Ushole consulting

(M.U. und A.S.)


03/02/2004 | dingsda - hab's gleich

büschen anal, aber mir gefällt's

04/04/2004 | byos

Yeah, this one is great

06/07/2004 | balloonhead

sauber, vor allen die starken Partner ;) drück erwin, drüüüück

09/07/2004 | r0b0


20/08/2004 | ferdie


26/08/2004 | danny

what the hell does ARSCHKACKE mean???

20/12/2004 | alex

arsch-ass, arse
kacke- shit

04/01/2006 | gd

bloodey helirous i am pissin in my pants

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