Sesame Street Advanced Marketing Strategies

1 million plus
2 mullion
...that's a total of 3 million email addresses to be spammed!



10/10/2004 | Patrick

Very cool. Actually sad but true.

17/02/2005 | cookie monster

Its fun to send trash to everyones email box

tell me how to how to get
how to get to sesame street, la la la la la la la la

17/03/2005 | Peter Griffin

Has The Count ever killed anyone??

04/08/2005 | rudi

wtf? r u 2ing

04/08/2005 | Ngalukilo

easey peasey, lemon squizzey! !

04/08/2005 | Ngalukilo

ur 'n' arsehole! suckeer!!!

04/08/2005 | rudi

I will do the killing!!!!!!!

13/12/2005 | asid

not on my watch

05/11/2006 | Patricia

What is that???

18/11/2006 | Killer

Kill this image.This is stupid.Bitchy-way!!!

02/02/2007 | maine

my name is maine live is tahitien I loves you
je m'apelle maine je vive a tahiti je vous aime
me llomo maine vive en tahiti yo quierai y vosoros
je suis né le 23 08 1991

17/04/2007 | Joblow

I hate this, this is stupid

24/07/2007 | Otaku_Kawaii86

Well, he's been banned so that's good. Let's just stay on topic.

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