Daily Horoscope - Arsehole

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Check your destiny with our daily horoscopes
(1st January - 31th December)
Birth stone:
You like:
Interesting sounds, wacky
whiffs, soft and smooth
You dislike:
Being forced to hold back,
being told to open up and
baring all.
You’re best at:
Organising surprises, thinking
up brilliant new sounds and
cooking up some terrific new
Deep down:
U are always looking to express urself
creatively. U like to sculpture and
shape but hate being pressurised to
Your career:
Sit on yourself all day.
Billiard balls or furry and flat, style
is your flavour and your favorite
colours are pink, yellow and brown.
As a mate:
You are loads of fun to be around.
People love your combustible humour and
bunsen-burner wit. Always game to try
out new things, u really are the life of
the party and mates think u are just fab.
As a girlfriend:
U get bored easily, so ur boyf’s got to
be a fun sort who enjoys surprising u.
Celebrity Arseholes:
G. W. Flush, M. Patcher, T. Bruise,
P. Pratt, J. Bogberts, A. McBowel

(A.S., M.U.)


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The other horoscopes can be found here.

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