MTV Cribs

Hello MTV, welcome to my humble abode.
I don’t know what else to say, so let’s take a look around!
This is the garden area, we call it “the park”.
All plants have been individually selected for this place.
Check out the concrete sofa -  it’s brand new!
Here’s a friend of mine chilling at the hydrant. There’s
only 2 Million in the U.S. so we’re really lucky to have one.
This is the wide-open luxury children’s bedroom.
The kids are asleep, so be very quiet and let’s move on...



08/03/2004 | anonymous

thats foul

08/03/2004 | anonymous

that foul but pretty funny

09/03/2004 | D$

i dont like it, got to get rid of the problem though

09/03/2004 | 55

funny but it needs to be longer dude.

11/03/2004 | sivvvy

damm thats not nice at all

11/03/2004 | bumman

that is just stupid......where is the humour?

11/03/2004 | tilly trotter

thts not nice how would u fell if that was u and we were taking the piss put of u!!!!! not nice bastards

12/03/2004 | mtv get of the air

its great.
its a critism of the whole mtv bullshit "look at my 10 000 000 $$ house"

06/04/2004 | THO

People gotta realize the rich ppl on cribs didnt get to where they were by having nice things...its a result of their inner to idealize their materialz is suggesting that if u try to dress and have toys like them, you'll be successful too.'ll just be a poser.

06/04/2004 | roboto

not funny, they could be vietnam veterans

06/04/2004 | Johan

yea! finally some cribs I can relate too. fucking A! but really....poor bastards.

06/04/2004 | champ

whach bum fights they got mtv crates its fuckin funny

06/04/2004 | I RULE

download bum hunter, thats some funny shit

06/04/2004 | Delboy

I think it might be irony

06/04/2004 | Zapan®

It's GREAT persiflage!

06/04/2004 | KuzIKan

anyone who thinks this is mean is missing the poimt, and if you think its mean then go out and help these people, or is it mean because you had to see it, pansies...............

06/04/2004 | Vince

That's just a copy-cat of bum fights vol.2 "Crates" !!! .

06/04/2004 | ryan

music ppl should give to the homeless wtf

06/04/2004 | gonza

hahahhahaha seriously some funny shit

06/04/2004 | Funny

heheh Good job man! thats really funny!!!! hihihihi

06/04/2004 | PissedOffWhiteBoy

I'm with the MTV 1000000$ Dollar house shit, but since when did these mother fuckers not have a silver spoon, drive and determination my ass, they either got where they are by sellin out or they brought themselves up using gang tactics or thuggery or drug dealing, and those that are legit have parents that gave em what they needed along the way. So dont come up in here with that cry baby I had it rough bullshit. This is a picture of the real world, why dont some of your determined muther fuckers show some real heart and faith and give up some of that 10000000$ on some food and housing for guys like the one in the pic up there. Elitist..KuzlKan said it show us the money instead of hording it and thinking your something special, cause at the end of the day you still the same shit the rest of us are.

06/04/2004 | Peatyp

"they could be vietnam veterans"
Who gives a shit!!

06/04/2004 | Dr Dick

Shaqs house is great! I lick pussy

06/04/2004 | ahha

This is nothing compare to the movie bumfights. Download it and you will se the Real PIMP!

06/04/2004 | JG


06/04/2004 | dd


07/04/2004 | chris

"06/04/2004 | roboto
not funny, they could be vietnam veterans"

Yes, and if they were, thats even a bigger reason for people to open their eyes and help them out. If this isnt an eye opener to you that clearly shows the horrific class society in America your just blind.

08/04/2004 | ??

How can you not understand this "joke"? it is greate satire of the american way of handling social problems.

09/04/2004 | ?????

NOT FUN!!!!!

09/04/2004 | ?????

NOT FUN!!!!!

10/04/2004 | for real

I wonder if this is what the americans are fighting for. If so who could blame the irakis for fighting them?

14/04/2004 | Beth

God you American's are nieve! I swear to god! It's called 'sarcastic humour'. It's funny... while bringing attention to the problem. He's not taking the piss out of homeless people. Jesus you yanks are stupid! Oh, and you know of course no country in the entire world like the USA. Not even Sweden, Australia or the UK! Surpise surprise!

14/04/2004 | Jonas

HAHAHAAH!!! I think this is being very funny!!! sometimes in the place where I live, my friends and I take piss in garbage can, and then we wait for all homeless men in the streets to come and eat out of the garbage can. and then we laugh at them because they are not knowing that they eat pissfood. HAHAHAH!!!!!

15/04/2004 | Therezin

yeah, of course it's mean... funny tho ain't it!

15/04/2004 | jimmy tits

I'm homeless and I think its hilarious!

17/04/2004 | cf

It's called 'sarcastic humour'. It's funny... while bringing attention to the problem. - 14/04/2004 | Beth i agree

06/05/2004 | Patrick

Great sarcastic humour.
@Jonas: What you are doing is not funny. Find some better jokes.

11/05/2004 | YA STUPID LIL KIDS


31/05/2004 | playmate

I think its lame and not even funny. If i was as fuckin rich as the ppl on cribs are i'de fuckin be like that too. Who cares fuck.

14/06/2004 | paul

Imagine what a great awareness ad this would make for homeless people. ie directed and written in the exact style of all those vacuous MTV cribs people.

I find it incredibly shallow and shocking that the majority of MTV viewers love Cribs so much.

But I don't find it as shocking as all you f*ckwits who think Bumfights is funny. That shit is sick, and if you're into it - chances are that you are too.

Let's hope all the bumfights fans out there end up on the street being paid a couple of dollars to beat the shit out of eachother!!!

02/07/2004 | Crayola


10/07/2004 | Captain Underpants

Good job. Keep up the good work.

13/07/2004 | Fred

WELL!!!! That guy's a POMMEY and I saw that samw ST. In the SOHO when I was there. If that's US you can blame it on Reagan(dead now)(GOOD) or BUSH as it's his style. Trying to turn the US into "SLAVE WORLD" Doing it to ASIA now. Finally got JAPAN,CHINA'S next. Leaving Russia alone for now,Their 13 yr. old prosties are doing fine,drug problems increasing too,so they're going. Have a G'Day

16/07/2004 | Vicky

I think its lame. And its not funny at all. Dont you have enything inportent to do, then make up a bunch of lame thing. OH MY GOD!

31/07/2004 | Soul_Reaver

omg... dude thats not funny =(

17/08/2004 | cocaine

mtv is full shit if u watch it u r also full of shit thats what i think

26/08/2004 | danny


26/08/2004 | danny


28/08/2004 | Hampak

fuck evrybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30/08/2004 | Missy

how would u like it if u were bein teased well actually laughed at for fun cos people have nothing else better to do.
its just lame so if yeh looked an read the pic ur lame to

i wanna know why and how u get these pictures, its crazy

17/09/2004 | geoffrey roged

look at my crib it aint much but it all i got

16/11/2004 | Chocolate Drop

It's kool wit me

28/11/2004 | who cares

hey my house is like an mtv cribs but hey that cement looks comfy! LOL

12/01/2005 | german master

i like it. it shows the bad side of the world. the motherfuckers at mtv show their 10 million dollar cribs and don´t thing about the poor people!!!

ps: fuck bush

13/01/2005 | Malek

All you mo' fo's who say let's kill Iraqis and all dat shit yaw all pussie. George Bush=scum salaam!

13/01/2005 | Malek

Sadaam was a veteran i dont see no statue of him in america
It's how a nigger eat man!

23/01/2005 | bob

that was damn funny

01/04/2005 | mcm


18/04/2005 | jonny

fukin great

18/04/2005 | martin

dan is gay

18/04/2005 | dan

its tru i luv bum

04/05/2005 | german master

GERMANY!!! DEUTSCHLAND! woher kommst du mcm?!

20/05/2005 | Fag man


23/05/2005 | killerdrac

'free rent!' can't get any better than that huh..!

28/08/2005 | Kerry is a douche!!

Okay for all of you fucks out there who think Bush is such a horrible President... Think about what Clinton di when we were getting attacked by the pussy ass ASSFUCK named Osama (Usama) Bin Laden, WHAT THE HELL DID CLINTON DO in deffense of America when all that shit went down? He launched 2 fucking missles at a medicine factory in the middle of the night killing ONLY 2-3 Janitors!!!!!!!! WTF thanks a lot Clinton for being one of the biggest Douche Bag Presidents this country has had! And when the WTC was attacked on 9/11 the 4 main countries that cheered because INNOCENT women and children were killed: Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. 2,974 counted dead, and they glorify in death! Don't you understand that these people are SICK?!And the reason why these people glorify in death of MAINLY Americans: Because Americans Have Freedom! BE LUCKY you ungrateful pricks live in a country with all the great amenities that we have. What would a president like Clinton or Kerry done had all that stuff happend on 9/11 while they were in office? They would have slapped their hands and said "Say sorry". I'm glad we have a President WITH a backbone, WITH a spine, WITH the guts to face EVIL and say "NOW YOU WILL BE PUNISHED!" Im glad our president has the guts to PUNISH the evil in this world who wrong us! Do any of you people understand this! 200 years ago our fore-founding fathers gave us this liberty they fought and died for their beliefs of a freedom of Religion! Thousands of men died for that single thing! Countless lives fight and die for their beliefs. MANY innocent Women, Men, and Children that died on 9/11 didn't have a chance to fight! Didn't even have a chance to say good bye to their loved ones.
Is this fair to the United States Of America, The United States Of Freedom? When Jesus returns the wickedness will be cleansed from the face of this earth and only the righteous will stand at the last days. When God smites the evil for corruption, greed and wickedness, then shall we see who is worthy to stand in the face of our Heavenly Father, OUR GOD!!!

28/08/2005 | Kerry is a douche!!

The last days will be a great and fearful day! For the righteous it will be great and for the sinners it will be fearful!

This country is called "The land of opportunities". Do you know why there are so many bums in this country. Because they did not take the opportunity to gain an education, to gain a knowledge of life, to gain a job. I have sympathy for them, but I also understand why they are there, and the only way we can avoid becoming just like them is to do the opposite! Smart men learn from their mistakes, Wise men learn from other peoples mistakes. Insstead of wasting your life on your computer, do something for your country, JFK once said "Ask not what my country can do for me, but ask 'What can I do for my country'" Join the military and fight for what you know is right! Learn America that this is the way of life. I'm only 20 years old and I have a better understanding of life than most Grown Adults. Learn the rest of the world, as long as I have a single breath in me to fight against EVIL, I WILL ALWAYS DEFFEND MY COUNTRY, The United States Of America.

28/08/2005 | Fag man

at least the bums are getting paid to entertain the bums are celbrities now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

05/09/2005 | sabareesh

what to say the real life...of human depicted here....and people laughing at this...even it is fake or not there are eople like this....than god for making us like this and if u could pls help such people

21/11/2005 | Albion_Vega

I masturbate to that bum.

15/01/2006 | mkljjyggcdswzxcaawdfc

what the...

15/01/2006 | Egbert Federic III

What is this place?? I have never seen such wonders. I am amazed...really i am...

20/01/2006 | johan

dam you lads are such a nerds that you laugh at this
so my message is fuck you all

30/03/2006 | rufis the stunt bum

hey fuk u uze r all fuking gay

30/03/2006 | rufis the stunt bum

hey fuk u uze r all fuking gay

30/03/2006 | fred

fuck u u slack cunts go fuck each others mums and then move on to ya dads

30/03/2006 | red

go suk ya mums penis u fukin imbreds

30/03/2006 | pinny

ur are gay

30/03/2006 | billy the stoner

oi y dont uze all go punch a fat cone an get fukin high

07/05/2006 | Seems like the home of prairie...

who is a jewish rude bitch.

28/06/2006 | DILLON FINNERTY

yall mad cuz he white?

24/07/2006 | marta portugal

no way... that is the best... parabéns.obrigado

25/05/2007 | A DemoiselleHeretique...

le vamos a decir BUBIS HEREJES.

08/06/2007 | Octavio_Pace

Soy un pinche puto maricon que me cojo a mi propia hija.

23/07/2007 | Truth

F*cking Shanks is deceitful.

31/07/2007 | Truth

Octavio_Pace and Futch58 have fucking gay sex.

01/03/2008 | Gerudo Warrior

hahahahahahahahahahah. don't pm me again. rlly. don't do it.

STFU noob

09/03/2008 | toptop

14/03/2008 | oldhot

15/03/2008 | lol

27/08/2011 | Cayle

That's rlealy shrewd! Good to see the logic set out so well.

09/11/2021 | markus


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