Crowded Planet

crowded planet
The ultimate pocket guide series to the world's most overcrowded places
Special section on Tokyo

(A.S., J.B.)


08/04/2004 | lol

thats your moms waiting list! hahahahahaha *slaps knee*

28/04/2004 | Wooot

How many of these guys peed in the water?

06/05/2004 | Patrick

Very funny.

12/05/2004 | Cunt

This is your mums customers

02/07/2004 | poop dick

i wonder how many of those ppl had poop dick in that water cause i no i did..........¿Æ}¼Až5A}q‘K

13/07/2004 | Fred

What's that white slimy stuff in the water??? Hey Somebody just threw a red Tampon out. What a party!!!

30/08/2004 | Missy

dam man dat so funny keep it up. yeh......

01/09/2004 | dergy

the gene pool of society?

22/02/2005 | Pietro Grande

Saluti con affetto da

23/06/2005 | Yo

I really wish to go to Japan. It is better than Mexico.

11/03/2006 | Karate Bitch

Julieta Méndez González

05/05/2006 | Erika Nagai

es una puta

26/05/2006 | yay area nigga

wow asain invasion ahhaahhahaha

12/10/2006 | Max Barnard

aka Ikkaku, aka indiana_mcemo is a moron.

11/12/2006 | ero

Meet me at gurochan please.

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06/06/2007 | Octavio_Pace


12/06/2007 | nataliejane1980

nataliejane1980 es de youtube y ella apesta horrible.

22/07/2007 | Made in DNA (mopedronin)

Dude, I think you have some wires crossed. Your thinking is irratic and unfounded. Of course I don't like people ILLEGALLY crossing into my country. If our roles were reversed you wouldn't like it either.

If Mexico becomes a powerhouse of economy, so much the better, because then people will have good jobs, good homes and good lives. Then they won't have to ILLEGALLY enter any country.

Who the fuck is Zhenli Ye Gon?

22/07/2007 | Made in DNA (mopedronin)

PS I think you're a nutcase without a brain in your head and probably a troll to boot. So you are off my friend list and I have blocked you.

Get lost.

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