Fashion Misconception

Fashion Mistake
Wear fur inside otherwise it's not warming
How they bore themselves to death
The 3 Truths
You're too fat
You're not good looking
You can't get these clothes



03/03/2004 | Hola

texto de prueba

06/04/2004 | tk

it keeps the animals warm, and they wear it on the outside.

06/05/2004 | Patrick

Very funny.
@tk: The argument is good and funny too.

01/06/2004 | Rainer

hehe, your comment ruins the image :)

13/07/2004 | Fred

"Got Leather"???? The material between cracks has migrated to breasts. How nice for boyfriend????

13/01/2005 | Blogger

Saluti da scrivi blog

08/03/2005 | Cosacco

8 Marzo, W le Donne!

06/04/2005 | Rummenigge

Calorosi saluti da Rummenigge

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