Dare to repair

Dare to Repair
A Do-It-Herself Guide to Abortion using household tools.
Guaranteed: If this doesn't help fix it, you'll get your money back!
Rosetta Weisenheimer



01/02/2004 | ola


02/02/2004 | FARK


02/02/2004 | Rainer

That's disgusting!

02/02/2004 | poo poo

okay now what?

02/02/2004 | Case

This one is a little bit too extreme for me.

03/02/2004 | Travis

Let me have the embryo

15/02/2004 | Jim

nice nice nice

10/03/2004 | MrWise

I want her skill-points...

21/04/2004 | Disgusted

This one has gone too far.

06/05/2004 | Patrick

This one is too extreme for me too.

13/07/2004 | Fred


13/08/2004 | Johann Fritzgerald Kenn-I-Di

Very nice. I like this one most :)

16/12/2004 | Delaware

This image ended up on the front page of the News Journal in Delaware, USA. They ended up taking your image and boy was this a mistake. They removed it from the website alreaddy but to get a copy of the newspaper you can go to www.delawareonline.com Dec, 16, 2004 issue Home aned Garden Section

Ironically it is titledWe've made a list and checked it twice! HA! HA!

16/12/2004 | tg

More on the News Journal: Your image is part of a tabloid spread on books that make good gifts. It hangs, ornament-like, from a lovely strip of gold garland with 6 other "practical" books. Can't wait to see tomorrow's letters column. The Christian Right will be all in a snit. A holiday classic!

20/01/2005 | Dr Weisenheimer

Read more on the Delaware News Journal's blunder here.

19/04/2005 | a


19/04/2005 | oooooo dat my sis sis lil but

ooodat my sis sis lil brother here dont hit me

23/06/2005 | Nag

I want to defecate over that woman.

04/01/2006 | ergggh

yuck dats disgusting

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