Gazer TV

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Gazer TV
Shit as it happens.
Just missed all the action? Other gazers blocking your view?
Get your place in the front row - order Gazer TV today!
(Accident powered by Volunteers)



27/01/2004 | Rainer

That's sick.

28/01/2004 | Mackannzoor

I don't got it! what is this me don't understood.

28/01/2004 | MackanZoor

(that wasn't me - it was a silly friend of mine)

31/01/2004 | bilbo

I dont get it either

02/02/2004 | Case

Very funny. Not difficult to understand. A good parody on todays tv stations. In fact a lot of them or at least many of their so called "documentation" should be renamed to "gazer TV".

20/02/2004 | Slizzul

...(burp) Why do...we spend our time eating and looking up bad stuff on the internet while exessively eating? No wander kids make fun of us.

20/02/2004 | Chomp

How do I order this...grazer TV?

11/03/2004 | oriod


08/04/2004 | lol

theyre all small people *giggles*

06/05/2004 | Patrick

Very funny. I think I need this channel.

24/06/2004 | I Need Money

what a bullshit man.. damn go get a live.. and then let that ruin by sites like this

19/04/2005 | stuntman

y it coundnt be in da hood bitches now im relly cussin

23/06/2005 | G. Luna

I suck.

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