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Junk Yard
Wanna get rid
of your old junk?
* No need to to fudge
a story about your item!
* No need to send in
digital photos with a
camera that you can’t
handle anyway!
* No need to make up
a silly nick name!
* No need to court other
dumpers to earn positive
* Whatever it is, we’ll
make it go away!



06/01/2004 | Case

A real alternative to eBay. Really funny. Maybe I could get rid of some items there, I couldn't sell on eBay.

08/04/2004 | lol

theres nothing that you cant sell on ebay!

04/01/2006 | got ya

der is stuff u cant sell on ebay like u cant sell guns,animals.cocan etc.
u see u moron

31/03/2006 | me

cocain actually. spell it correctly

29/01/2008 | customsu

Hi all !!!

End ^) See you

26/12/2015 | Riki

i did the same thing to a camera i had. since it was a coplue of years old i didn't even try to get it fixed, but i did sell it on ebay as a fixer upper .anyway, at this point all you can do is either repair or replace the camera. contact the manufacturer and see what they would charge to repair it. if the minimum repair cost is more than half the price of a new camera, you probably should just buy a new camera.

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