Halloween Mask Whacko-Jacko

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Halloween Mask WHACKO-JACKO
The longer you wear it, the scarier it’ll get! The kids are gonna run!!
Mask made in ultra flexible FoamEx™ Natural Latex.

(A.S., J.U., M.U.)


19/08/2004 | Patrick

Cool, very funny. Really scary.

19/08/2004 | Morticia

Aaaaack! So lifelike! Now that's REALLY scary.

19/08/2004 | MARK


19/08/2004 | Rainer

Really? I think it's a mask that you can buy.

20/08/2004 | Bára

tis is michael jackson and he is not scary he is so cute!!! and innocent.. this dousent even look like halloween guy

20/08/2004 | Bc_kate

Do you seriously think that this is a mask you can buy?? HAHAH it is obviously a photoshopped pic!

20/08/2004 | lisa

this sucked more than andy's posts on http://momsbox.com/ . Didnt think that was possible

21/08/2004 | steven

where do i buy them?

21/08/2004 | MackanZoor

Too expensive for me.

23/08/2004 | freakD

i always knew that (man/woman) was the satan incarnate.

24/08/2004 | ben

i saw something like this at cracksmokingshirts.com

24/08/2004 | Wack

You can really buy a Wacko Jacko mask right here...
http://frightcatalog.com/Masks/Miscellaneous%20Masks/36057_Wacko%2 0Jacko%20Mask.html?SearchID=35406

24/08/2004 | Bill

geezz...do you really think his face has been photoshopped out??? you morons its a joke...haha funny funny......................you retards

25/08/2004 | observation

i really how seriously some of these FUCKING YANKS take the internet

25/08/2004 | tontito


25/08/2004 | soup

its no photoshop work...that is straight up M$ Paint

25/08/2004 | papoon

my dog makes better looking dumps

25/08/2004 | WEAZLE


25/08/2004 | bdub

Hey, were is the mask? Seriously, were is the mask?

25/08/2004 | poop

spelling doesn't look important to most of the dork posters' here, eh?

26/08/2004 | mamagina

Scary, that's just downright f***ed up!

26/08/2004 | aborticae

most of you are retards, most of you are so gay you don't even know it. michael jackson WAS bad ass. that is his face, with 'photoshopped' eyes for a joke, it is not serious, you fucking tards. thank you, hail satan.

26/08/2004 | danny

seriously, you guys take this shit TOO FUCKING SERIOUSLY... someone was obviously making a joke and the joke was funny, drop it you fuckin Star Trek loving assholes... jeez, I am gonna go get wasted and laid now!!!!

26/08/2004 | Kristeaze

HAHAHA, thats so funny, it is so paintshopped so obvious can't u see the white circles around his eyes. Fuk ppl lets get serious here that's such a stupid joke. I'm outta here!!

27/08/2004 | joe hanson

i would not were that, but who ever would were that i hope dosn't go and scrow little boys

27/08/2004 | joe hanson

a joke : Why did michel jackson go to wal-mart¿ He was told little boys pants were half off. hahaha

27/08/2004 | me

he looks beter but , he is still fuckin ugly

29/08/2004 | solrac

Dats a fukin stupid joke. Do better than dat shit.

31/08/2004 | devil

Dont take to heart you stuid twats its just a joke.

02/09/2004 | leanne

micheal jackson used to b so fit! but now hes fuckin ugly plastic retard!!!!!!!! but most of his songs r wkd

02/09/2004 | bonny

got a joke, what does micheal jackson and santa have in common? they both leave childrens rooms with their sacks empty!

16/09/2004 | jocko

kill the pervert

24/09/2004 | poo poo

kid toucher

02/10/2004 | matthew

that nasty marshmellow eating dung roller.

11/10/2004 | John

this guy is a fag ,no doubt about it.

11/10/2004 | Micheal Jackson

This is horrible,let's ride the train and play (eat cookies and play and I'm on the floor and your on the bed ooooooooh)

25/10/2004 | L.G.

For Halloween, he doesn't need mask !

28/10/2004 | Tina Robinson

I think it would be funny but I like Jackson's song thriller and yet he is related 2 Janet who had her boob pop out at the super bowl I think it's wrong to do that to someone who is a human like us and treat others how u would like to be treated

17/02/2005 | peter pan

i bet some of you guys writing on here look much worse than jacko.

Go have a good look in the mirror ha ha ha

17/03/2005 | Inverse Jacko

Got Milk??

28/06/2005 | memor


23/09/2005 | fuck me

i fucked random kids with this masks...its da bomb

05/10/2005 | Michael Jackson

That mask is just ignorant. You all should stop being so ignorant....Uh-HEE-hee! Sha-momba!

26/01/2006 | Amanda

Wow.. thats a little bit odd ehh? The guys a friggen FrEAk

09/08/2006 | kandy

that was the most borrrrrigesttttttttttt thing i ever saw in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ppppppppppeeeeeeeaaaaaccccccceeeeee yyyyyyyoooooo''''''''llllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!

09/08/2006 | vanessa

ilove me myself and i and im 10yrsold

14/04/2007 | f


29/01/2008 | makingfl

Hi all !!!

End ^) See you

14/03/2008 | ola

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