28/08/2004 | New Graphics Section

From now on, there's a new graphics section available. Different author, but nonsense none the less.

19/08/2004 | Buy one now and get Frankenstein free

Order your Halloween Get it now while it's cheap! Scare your buddies with Whacko-Jacko.

25/07/2004 | Playboy then and now

Sex has nothing to do with age - even the elder folks will always enjoy it.

20/06/2004 | Take Me Away

Are you getting old and senile? Have no fear, help is available.

31/05/2004 | Other People's Money

A growing number of individuals drown in debts by spending more money than they can pay back. In order to cope with this situation, private credit institutions now begin educative campaigns.

27/05/2004 | RSS Feed

If you don't want to get spammed by the newsletter service, you can now grab your feisar.de news with the new RSS feed. As almost always, it's available in German, too. If you don't know what RSS is, you won't find an explanation here.

23/05/2004 | EU Regulation

Together with the Member States, the European Union aims to protect and promote the health of its citizens. There is a new regulation that now even affects the music industry.

16/05/2004 | Relative Superlative

Directly from the E3: the best game ever!

04/04/2004 | Gadgets for Geeks

Apple did it again: their new gadget hits the street that not only Mac freaks will want.

21/03/2004 | Text Adventures

Gone are the days of adventure games being text based only. In a new, innovative approach, Microsoft rolls out a brand new text adventure to the public.

14/03/2004 | Rucksack Riffraff

Above all, modern Globe Trotters need an idea of where to go to. Travel guides from Lonely Planet help out. Now there's a new fashion of going abroad that's being credited with this new series.

06/03/2004 | Stars@Home

MTV cribs shows you the private places of your favourite stars. See the wealth and luxuries they live in every day. Here is a preview of the next episode.

29/02/2004 | Fashion Mistakes

What were we to do without fashion magazines? We'd probably still be wearing furs!

15/02/2004 | Tupper Parties

Can you remember your first Tupper Party? Why not have one again?

01/02/2004 | Dare To Repair

No need to dump it if it's broken. With a little courage, even huge problems can be solved.

25/01/2004 | Remote Schadenfreude

There is still hope: even the worst tv programme can be degraded.

18/01/2004 | X-treme Sports

No risk, no fun! Adrenaline addicts get high on extreme sports. We're taking a look at the ultimate challenge.

11/01/2004 | New Gadgets For Relationships

Finally: one of the most grievous problems of men is solved.

07/01/2004 | Spam Yourself

If you want to keep up to date, you can register for the feisar.de newsletter here.

04/01/2004 | 2 Cents

From now on, you can comment on all graphics. Have fun!

03/01/2004 | Ushole Investment

Surveys show that Ushole Investment leads the Financial Times' top performer list for mutual funds.

31/12/2003 | New: The Sims Expansion Pack - Out Now!

The Sims now features all exicting parts of your life. Grab it and start playing today!

30/12/2003 | Can't talk straight?

If you're a bad-ass gangsta rapper apply here.

23/12/2003 | Do They Know It's Christmas Time?

A question that is debated on right now - even here.

20/12/2003 | The New Fragrance

Calvin Klein befuddles the gentlemen with a new, natural olfactory experience.

18/12/2003 | Advanced Zen

The true meaning behind Zen can't be tied into words alone. Zen monks have now found a new, natural way of meditation to gain enlightment. However, to explore this new way, a master is needed.

14/12/2003 | Online Auctions Declining

Annual balance reports from online auction companies like Ebay indicate a dramatic turnover decline. The reason for this clearly lies in the massive presence of low economy competitors.

14/12/2003 | Redesign

I guess it's probably more difficult to read things here now, but anyway. Didn't mean to do a redesign, it -oops- just happened.

09/12/2003 | Safer Surf

Internet surfers rejoice: Weisenheimer Ltd., the new and potent internet security expert enters the market.

23/11/2003 | Breaking News

We're interrupting the current program for some important messages. CNN reports...

17/11/2003 | English Version

Finally, here is the English version of the page. If you speak German, please go to the German version as you will find more content there. You most likely want to look at the graphics now.